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Private Label Service

Are you aspiring to launch your own line of perfumes? 
Our Private Label Service offers a comprehensive solution for those entering the perfume industry, with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 500 units. This service encompasses the entire process, from sourcing exquisite fragrances worldwide and selecting the ideal bottle and cap to designing customised packaging that aligns with your vision, making it the perfect starting point for your journey in perfumery.

Private Label Service: Start Your Own Perfume Brand Today!

MOQ: 500 units
Bottle & Fragrance Choice: Select from our inventory or request a similar option.
Bottle Customisation: Options include coating, screen print, and premium labels.
Packaging Customisation: Choose between a flat box or a two-part hard box, with any design you prefer.
Pricing: £15-£45 based on quantity, bottle, packaging, and fragrance.
Lead Time: 30 days upon final approval.

Wholesale Opportunities: 
Private Label - Pick Your Products. Put Your Name On Them. 
Private-label products, being pre-made, come with lower minimum order requirements compared to contract manufacturing. With Reeh al Madinah Perfumes, you avoid start-up costs related to research and development, as our products are already developed and tested. Our extensive product library allows you to curate a collection tailored to your business and clientele. Enjoy high-profit margins by purchasing at wholesale prices and charging a premium for the brand you've established.

Reeh al Madinah Private Label and Contract Filling is your ideal partner, ensuring your concepts materialise, and your future customers resonate with your brand. Our products, among the finest globally, are internationally compliant, lab-tested, and sustainably manufactured, ensuring your brand is represented authentically.


Conversely, contract manufacturing proves beneficial for large corporations venturing into brand launches. It is also an excellent option for those in need of distinctive products that guests and customers can treasure over time. Typically, these encompass smaller items intended as memorable gifts, creating a lasting token from your special occasion or event.

Customers Review

Testimonials from our clients

Reeh al Madinah's perfume is truly remarkable! Its heavenly fragrance, combining oud with other exquisite notes, is absolutely mesmerising. Whenever I wear it, I'm showered with compliments. Thank you for creating the bloom, such an outstanding product! I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone in search of a luxurious and long-lasting scent experience.

Demi Daniels /

Loyal Customer

Reeh al Madinah's newest fragrance, Gentlemen, is outstanding! The combination of oud and aromatic notes creates an irresistible scent. It's my favourite choice for every occasion, consistently earning compliments. Thanks to Reeh al Madinah for delivering such an exceptional product! I highly recommend it to anyone seeking a luxurious fragrance.

Tawfiq Mahmud /

Loyal Customer

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